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Velveeta Recall

If you’ve purchased Velveeta at Wal-Mart anytime lately… heads up about a recall!

A bunch of Velveeta sold at Wal-Mart stores throughout the Midwest being recalled because it may not have enough preservatives in it.  Kinda funny if you think about it…

“Hey, this product may not be safe for you!”

“Really?  Why?”

“Because it doesn’t have enough chemicals in it!”

See if your Velveeta is involved in the recall here.

5 Tips To Be More Likeable

Who doesn’t want to become more likeable?

Unless you’re someone who says “I don’t care what people think.”  And who really says that and means it, by the way?  But that’s a topic for another day


Read this survey of the “top tips to become more likeable” and here are the top 5 answers…

  1. Stop taking yourself so seriously.
  2. Ask people questions so they can talk about themselves.
  3. If someone is telling you about a problem, don’t jump in with an answer or try to solve everything.
  4. Don’t interrupt (especially to “top” their stories).
  5. Do favors for… Continue reading

Site Reveals What Song You Were Likely Conceived To

None of us want to think about our conception… but here’s the question:

Does the song your parents got down to help dictate who you are?  Or say something about your personality?

Put your birthday into PorkTrack.com and see what you think (great website name, huh?).

See what song some celebrities were likely conceived to here.


8 Ways To Outsmart a Salesperson

I got in trouble for something I printed at work yesterday.  This article.

Reason being?  I share a printer with our sales department.  Ooops!

It caught my eye after having a recent unpleasant run-in with a salesperson when trying to buy a deep freeze (I’m still in the market..so if you know someone)…

This article runs through 8 of the most common sales tactics and how to respond to them.  Take a look here.

New Book: Jay Leno’s Producer Reveals Back Stage Secrets

What celebrity demanded the show pay $18,000 toward their hair and makeup bill?

What celebrity sent pages upon pages of demands for the 45 minutes they’d spend in a dressing room?

What celebrity was so chronically late they had to charter a helicopter to fly him from his house to the studio?

Interesting stuff in this tell-all book. Read more here.

See Inside Peyton Manning’s Denver Mansion

At $4.5 million, he apparently got a bargain…

See it here.

I mean it looks nice…but $4.5 million nice?  I’m not so sure.

POLL: 10 Greatest Duets Of All Time

Could the 2 best duets of all time be from the same year?

If you believe this new ranking from Rolling Stone, the answer is yes!  Their top 2 favorites are both from 1981.

See all 10 here: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/pictures/readers-poll-the-10-greatest-duets-of-all-time-20140604

What’s your favorite duet?

Gotta be “Islands In The Stream” for me

What Dad Really Wants For Father’s Day

Dinner at the best restaurant in town — 31%

A weekend getaway with the whole family — 27%

Electronics — 26%

Tickets to a show/sporting event — 26%

A weekend getaway with your wife — 25%

Power Tools — 19%

Gift Card — 16%

Alcohol — 15%

More ideas and suggestions from this survey of dads here.

Stretching Your Dollar: 10 Best & Worst Things To Buy In June

Do buy…


–Caribbean vacations

Don’t buy…

–Disney vacations


–Apple products

See the rest of what to buy/not buy and why here.

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