The Cheapest Place To Get Groceries

Did you see this story on channel 13 the other day?  They bought the same 4 items (milk, eggs, bread, and beef) at 6 different stores to see which was cheapest.  They bought the items all on the same day and went for the cheapest option in each category.  What they found surprised me…

The range from lowest to highest was only about $3.  I say only but I suppose $3 a week over the course of a year is a nice chunk of change.

Here’s the cost in order of cheapest to most expensive:

Kroger – $7.45

Aldi – $8.28

Target – $8.67

Wal-Mart – $8.71

Marsh – $9.09

Meijer – $10.35

In fairness, some retail experts say you can’t really pay much attention to prices on staples like this..because what some retailers do is give you prices so low on some items that they take a loss — but then they jack up the prices 10-20% on everything else.


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