Walmart, Target, Kmart: Who’s Cheapest?

I saw this thing that ranked the three stores on cost..and a whole bunch of other factors.  You can see the full story here, but this is the general summary of what they found:

  • 1. Walmart
    · Lowest prices, generous ad-matching policy
    · Thousands of Supercenters with vast inventory, especially in grocery
    · User-friendly website with myriad offerings and free Site to Store shipping
    · Full selection of services, including photo developing, portrait studio, health clinics, vision centers, and holiday-season layaway
  • 2. Target
    · Fashionable clothing and home goods, reputation for quality
    · Modest prices
    · Clean stores with well-organized displays and helpful employees
    · Calm atmosphere that makes for easy shopping
  • 3. Kmart
    · Highest prices
    · Limited selection, especially in grocery
    · Disgruntled and unavailable employees
    · Empty shelves and unkempt displays

2 things I wanna say about that:  1) Is anyone surprised?  Of course not. I knew all of this already.  2) How does Kmart still exist?  No offense if you work there, like shopping there, or if they’re a sponsor (especially no offense if they’re a sponsor) :)

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