B Well: Top Trick to Never Get Sick

When it comes to fighting a cold, you probably have something you think works well.  We all seem to have our “secret remedies.”  For me, I drink nothing but orange juice, have 2 nights of NyQuil induced sleep…and I’m usually good.  Is there anything magical about OJ or high volumes of vitamin C?  Probably not.  Turns out it may be mind over matter.

I read this thing (click here to see it) that said basically if you believe something helps you feel better, then it will.  So it may be a positive outlook as opposed to your remedy that makes a real difference.

What’s your preferred cold remedy?  Or what are some of the best ones you’ve heard about?

Have you heard about the remedies involving onions?  Some people swear by eating raw onions or filling their socks with raw onion peels.  Have mercy!  You’re the one with the cold…so you probably won’t be able to tell how bad that’s gonna smell :)


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