Eat Your Way To Younger Looking Skin

Heard Dr. Oz talking about foods that help make your skin look younger.  Drum roll please!

They are…

  1. Wild salmon
  2. Chia seeds
  3. Avoccado

Apparently it’s the fish oil in the wild salmon that’s so good for your skin.  Is there anything fish oil can’t do?  I take it to lower my cholesterol and now it helps your skin too? Wow!

Ann Richards gave me some chia seeds.  I’ve been sprinkling them on salads and such.  They’re not as good as croutons, but they’re not bad.

And avocado… Heather from Basilmomma.com just shared a do it yourself avocado based face mask a few weeks ago.  Get that recipe from her here.

And I lied.  There are actually 4 foods that will help your skin look younger.  See the 4th here.


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