The Best and Worst Jobs in the U.S.

No. Not that jobs, silly.

The worst job may not surprise you, but the best job probably will…at least it did me.

The website CareerCast.com just released their list of 200 of the most popular jobs in the U.S., ranked from best to worst.  Jobs are ranked in 5 categories: Physical demands, work environment, income, stress, and hiring outlook.

The worst job: newspaper reporter.  It must’ve been hard for them to report this story.

The best job: actuary (I had to look up what they even do)..they’re someone who calculates financial risk especially for large companies.

Best Jobs in 2013

1.    Actuary
2.    Biomedical Engineer
3.    Software Engineer
4.    Audiologist
5.    Financial Planner
6.    Dental Hygienist
7.    Occupational Therapist
8.    Optometrist
9.    Physical Therapist
10.   Computer Systems Analyst

Worst Jobs in 2013

200.  Newspaper Reporter
199.  Lumberjack
198.  Enlisted Military Personnel
197.  Actor
196.  Oil Rig Worker
195.  Dairy Farmer
194.  Meter Reader
193.  Mail Carrier
192.  Roofer
191.  Flight Attendant

See where your job ranks here.

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