Anita Renfroe’s “Momisms” Song

This song is hilarious.  Anita Renfroe sums up everything a mom says in 24 hours in this 3 minute song.

Happy Mother’s Day!

3 Responses to Anita Renfroe’s “Momisms” Song

  • Marsha Oswalt says:

    Dear Sean,
    Thanks so much for sharing this song today! I needed a good laugh!
    I am anxiously waiting for my 24 year old son to wake up. He is on a ventilator in IU Health ICU. I am praying he wakes up & is off ventilator by Mother’s Day.
    I listen to you each morning. Each day you have played songs that I found inspirational & helped me get thru my day at my son’s bedside.
    Thanks so much for being there for me each morning!
    Robert’s Mom

    • Sean says:


      I’m so sorry your son is not well. I’m sure him waking up would be the absolute best Mothers Day gift. I pray that happens. Thank you for taking time to send such encouraging words my way..at a time when you’re so in need of encouragement.

      I’m grateful to have you listening and so glad this song made you smile!

      Praying for your son today.

      Kind regards,

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