Lessons From A Female Mechanic On How Not To Get Ripped Off

I’m having some work done on my car this week and I don’t know about you, but I hate going to the mechanic.  They could tell me I need to change my blinker fluid or make up parts.. “Yeah, Mr. Copeland you also need to replace your johnson rod.”  My what?  Well, yeah.  I guess you better do that.

I never feel good leaving… even if my car is fixed… I’m just sure I’m getting ripped off somehow. Well not anymore!  Not after reading this article written by a female mechanic on how not to get ripped off.  Her tips include…

  • If they fix something without your approval, consider it free.  It’s your car.  You make the decisions.
  • Don’t say things like: “I know it’s probably something bad.”  Some mechanics will take advantage of your lack of knowledge.
  • Don’t ask “Do I need new tires?”

Get more here — including the one piece of maintenance she says could save you thousands of dollars!

3 Responses to Lessons From A Female Mechanic On How Not To Get Ripped Off

  • Theresa Weaver says:

    When my dad left, he left behind the family car. Mom ended up getting it, so we’re now in charge of the maintenance. It’s pretty cool that two legally blind women have a Focus, but we know nothing about cars really. I mean, I recently had the woman who drives for us show me how to pump gas. I didn’t have a clue. After he left, we took the car to the same place he was taking it for years, and they started running a scam on Mom, telling her things were broken and absolutely HAD to be fixed. We saw through it after 2 oil changes that ran over $300 a piece because of their “finding something.” We started going elsewhere.

    Now, it doesn’t help matters that I had a driver fall asleep behind the wheel late last year and run the car over the median (He was fired, btw). While the insurance covered a lot of it, we’ve been stuck paying a lot of money for repairs still. We do have a decent place doing the work now, and our current driver is very savvy about cars.

    Also, I laughed out loud at the “Johnson rod.” It sounded quite “adult.” I seriously don’t think you’d want to replace THAT, and don’t trust an auto mechanic to do it! LOL!

    • Sean says:

      That’s what I hate. They always try to “up sell” you when you just need an oil change.

      • Theresa says:

        It makes you almost wish that the pony was your mechanic! :) It’s like we could’ve used the things they were suggesting to us, but it didn’t have to be done right away.

        Sometimes I just wanna say, “So you have a ‘johnson rod,’ and I don’t. Now, don’t try to charge me a bunch of money for new tires when I just brought the car in to have the tires rotated, especially since you sold me new tires the last time.”

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