If I Loved Melissa McCarthy More, I Just Don’t Know What I’d Do

I love this lady.  She absolutely made the movie Bridesmaids, didn’t she?

This makes me love her even more…

She fired an extra for mistreating her own kid on set.  The extra, a woman in her 20s, brought her child for the shoot and witnesses say she had been struggling with her kid all morning…the last straw came when the mom harshly jerked the child up in the air by the wrist — and McCarthy saw it all.

It happened on Tuesday in Wilmington, NC where they’re filming a new movie called “Tammy.”

So, Melissa isn’t a mom..but apparently she’s a friend of children everywhere :)

Have you ever confronted a stranger who was mistreating their child?  What happened?

One Response to If I Loved Melissa McCarthy More, I Just Don’t Know What I’d Do

  • Theresa Weaver says:

    I read that a couple days ago. Good for her!

    Yes, I did say things to parents before. One of my pet peeves is hearing parents trying to use my dog to discipline their kids. If I ever overhear a parent say, “You better behave, or that dog’s gonna come get you,” it just bothers me. I usually just ask the parents to not use my dog that way. This is a service animal, and it gives the kids an irrational fear of dogs. Then I reassure the kid that the he’s a nice doggy and doing a very important job. Some parents laugh it off, and some are a little indignant. But seriously…

    I also have said things when hearing parents cuss at their kids. “Do you want the kid to talk to you like that when he/she’s older? Then don’t talk like that to him/her.” Usually they don’t say anything back. The only time I ever got a very angry response was when a woman was yelling and cussing at her kid very loudly, and I told her that her kid was behaving just fine…but she should work on her own. Yeah, I probably could’ve said it a bit nicer, but she was being horrible to that kid.

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