Signs Your Boss Wants To Get Rid of You

In a new survey, 1 in 4 bosses admit to having an employee they’d like to get rid of (methinks the other 3 are lying…or blessed…but definitely one of the two).

Here’s how to tell if you’re the employee the boss wants to dispose of….

  • They communicate with you primarily via email
  • The overly criticize/analyze your work
  • They reduce your responsibilities
  • They keep you out of meetings that you feel like you should be part of


2 Responses to Signs Your Boss Wants To Get Rid of You

  • Theresa Weaver says:

    I had just one boss like that many years ago. It falls under number 2, but being written up for things that other staff weren’t or couldn’t be written up for was my sign to get out of there. I was actually put on probation because I couldn’t wake my guide dog up when doing a presentation in front of first graders, and I was written up for making a joke about it and not correcting the dog. I could’ve contacted the EEOC on that one, but I chose to get out of there instead. It’s funny now looking back. Today is my 8th anniversary to the day starting my current job.

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