Say This Four-Letter-Word At Work More Often

No, silly.  Not one of those 4 letter words.

The word we should say more at work is “yeah.”  New research shows its the most persuasive word for getting your ideas and suggestions accepted in a business meeting.

The explanation goes like this: adding “yeah” to a proposal makes the idea sound as if it were in line with previous  thoughts by others — and that gives it a greater chance at being accepted.  An example would be “yeah, the color black would be a great way to go.”

The second and third most successful words in the workplace are “give” and “start.”  Read why here.

One Response to Say This Four-Letter-Word At Work More Often

  • Theresa Weaver says:

    Most of the time for us admin assts, it’s “Yeah, I can do that.” or “Yeah, I can figure that out.” :) I really think they should change the job title “administrative assistant” to “Copier Whisperer.” Just sayin’

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