Why are there onions in your pantyhose?

“Because I’m awesome.  That’s why” …is how you’ll respond when asked that question.

I came across these 27 ways to make your groceries last as long as possible and one of them was to store onions in pantyhose.  Apparently they’ll last up to 8 months if you do that.

One of my other favorite tips was to spray leftover guacamole with cooking spray before putting it back in the fridge.  I guess that keeps it from discoloring.

Get the other 25 tips here.


One Response to Why are there onions in your pantyhose?

  • Theresa Weaver says:

    Very interesting. The good news is we’re not wasting a lot of fruit and veggies these days unless we pick out something bad by mistake. Now, I don’t know about putting onions in pantyhose. I have a hard enough time convincing myself to get into pantyhose! Haha! :)

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