How I Got a Cheaper Internet/Cable/Phone Bill

My monthly internet bill just doubled… like that… overnight.  Apparently I was getting a 12 month promotional rate and it expired.

I took a little bit of an unconventional approach to getting the bill back down.  I reached out to a competing company on Twitter.  I sent them a message saying what my current company was charging me and challenged them to beat it.  They did.

I then used that as leverage with my current company.  I called them and when the automated voice lady asked why I was calling I said “to cancel service.”  I think that moves you right to the front of the line.  My hold time was less than 15 seconds.

I politely explained that I had reached out to another company to get a rate quote… I told them what they had offered… and I said “I’d really hate to leave your company, but if I could save this much money each month.. I won’t have a choice.  I just wanted to give you an opportunity to keep my business by meeting or beating their offer.”

They not only met, but BEAT the other company’s offer.  I’m paying the rate I was before…for an even faster internet speed. Go me! :)

Get more ideas on how to negotiate a cheaper bill from Consumer Reports here.

Have you ever had any luck negotiating a cheaper bill for anything?  What happened?


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