“My Purse, My Choice”: Women Take Hilarious Stand Against NFL’s Bag Policy

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One Response to “My Purse, My Choice”: Women Take Hilarious Stand Against NFL’s Bag Policy

  • Theresa says:

    hahaha! I guess if they can afford Ray Bans, a Kindle, an iPad, an iPad Mini, an iPhone, an iPod touch, and a purse to keep it all, then they should be able to actually afford an NFL ticket. They have a point. :)

    Odd items I’ve had in my purse at some point? A screwdriver (not the drink), dog food, a dog dish, Milk Bones, seashells, a gazillion bus schedules, a bottle of water, a half-melted Reese pumpkin (in February?), a CD or 2, a broken protein bar, 1-2 pairs of knee highs, 2 magnifying glasses, breath mints that poured out of the container, Starbucks receipts and straw papers, about 2 church bulletins, nail polish, empty bags, a dog toy, rocks… Not weird enough? I once found a pair of socks in my purse. Apparently, I got a pedicure and forgot about putting them there. Another time, my purse was smelling funky, and I didn’t know why. Ended up finding a black banana in the bottom of it (EWWWWWW!). I used to wear earrings but couldn’t keep my ears pierced, so they’d bug me. I used to pull them out midday and stick them in my purse. I think I had about 2-3 pairs of earrings in my purse for at least a year.

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