Mistakes To Avoid at Sams & Costco

I’m kind of obsessed with Costco… as evidenced by the fact that I won’t run out of dish soap or toilet paper until 2073.  I draw the line at the fuel center, though.  People will wait in lines 6 to 10 cars deep to save what… 20 cents a gallon?  Do the math people…you’re saving $2 on a 10 gallon tank.  My time is worth more than that (and my time ain’t that valuable).

If you’re gonna do a Costco or Sam’s run this weekend, check out this article I found on 6 mistakes to avoid at warehouse clubs:

  1. Buying perishables in bulk
  2. Depending on the warehouse club for all of your groceries
  3. Shopping without a list
  4. Ignoring the online section
  5. Forgetting about expiration dates
  6. Failing to compare prices

See the full story, including the reason behind all 6 here.

One Response to Mistakes To Avoid at Sams & Costco

  • Theresa says:

    I do shopping for work on the Sam’s website. I made the mistake of going there once, and I had a major case of sensory overload. Then the employees had no idea what they were doing. I figure if it’s not sold on the Sam’s website, I’m not getting it. I have a couple volunteers who are willing to get the food items at Costco, and I depend on them. I really like keeping the sanity I have intact. :) For personal shopping, we don’t buy in bulk. Apartment living puts a stop to that.

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