Should You Get Your Kid’s Permission?

A friend of mine posted an interesting query on the ole Facebook machine…

Should a parent get their kid’s permission before posting that child’s pic on Facebook?

Great question!

Your thoughts?

My opinion… I feel like I have to say first of all that I don’t have any kids, so I’m not sure.  But my first reaction is a parent is by no means required morally or ethically to get their kid’s permission, but it might be a nice opportunity to show mutual respect and strengthen the relationship.  But maybe I’m wrong.

One Response to Should You Get Your Kid’s Permission?

  • Theresa says:

    I’m not a parent either, but I do believe in treating everybody with respect. When the kids are really little, I think it’s fine to post pics without saying anything to them. Once the kids are old enough to understand, then I think it would be nice to talk to the kids before posting pics.

    Most kids who are under 10 won’t mind and like the attention. Some are more shy and really don’t want all of mom’s and dad’s friends to see them. If the kids start making comments about how they look in the photos, it would give a good opportunity about body image and looks. I know that kids nowadays are sometimes developing confidence issues at younger ages. I heard of kids as young as five making comments about being fat. So, it is important to find out why a kid doesn’t like having his or her pics posted if the kid seems upset. I think that parents do need to respect a kid’s personality feelings.

    As the kids approach the tween and teen years, definitely ask before posting. Teens tend to be embarrassed by the very fast that their parents are actually breathing in their proximity. Having a parent post a pic really could cause more drama than need be. Again, it’s also important to address body issues but also respect the kids’ feelings. At the same time, I’m totally for a parent having a teen’s Facebook and Twitter password until the kids are 18 (legal adults). There are a lot of predators out there.

    On another note, I think parents need to be VERY careful about their privacy settings on Facebook or any social media site. If they’re posting pictures of their children, especially, it’s important to have a profile where only friends can see those photos. Anything public (or semi-public) can be stolen. Even private photos can be shared. I’ve heard of stories about creeps collecting photos as child porn or stealing kids’ photos to run scams. So, people need to show a lot of care before deciding to post pics of kids.

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