Too Scary For The Radio: Did Our Own Ann Richards Live In a Haunted House?

A house Ann used to live in…in Noblesville may have been (and may still be haunted).  Judge for yourself.  Listen to a portion of the story she shared with Bob Newkirk from IndyGhostHunters

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Something Ann didn’t share in that clip which to me is the creepiest and most significant piece of evidence (and might be too scary for the radio) is this…

Her daughter was very young when they lived in this house (1-2 years old) and she was with Ann all the time..24-7.   Ann worked form home, never put the TV on for her, etc — and her daughter began to sing children’s songs that Ann hadn’t taught her..some of which Ann herself had never even heard.

Her daughter would also often point to corners of a room and say “people..people!”  And she’d randomly talk to her friend “George.”  Kids have imaginary friends, I know.  But what do you do with the song thing?  That sends shivers up my spine…

I’ve had experiences of my own with the paranormal. Maybe we’ll save that for next Halloween… :)

What do you think?  Do you believe in all this stuff?

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One Response to Too Scary For The Radio: Did Our Own Ann Richards Live In a Haunted House?

  • Theresa says:

    I totally believe in these experiences, as I have had some in my life.

    When I was about 15, we started suddenly having activity in our rented house. Cupboards would open by themselves, lights would turn on or off, etc. My parents and I would shrug it off and make jokes about it. It kept happening more and more, but I wasn’t about to pay attention to it. I didn’t fully believe in that stuff and even lightheartedly picked on people who had it happen to them. Then one night, I had a very vivid dream that I was walking through white hallways. I stopped in a room where there was a young man standing in front of me wearing all white. He had red hair and very bright blue eyes. He asked me if I knew who he was, and I had no idea. It ended up that he was my brother who died 3 years before I was born. We talked for a bit in the dream. Then he said, “I wanted to let you know that I’m still your brother, and I love you.” I woke up right after that, but I remember that dream like it was yesterday. After that, the activity stopped. He got my attention. He has visited me from time to time to pull a prank, and I refer to him as one of my spirit guides. I’ve also had my grandfather and great-grandmother visit me.

    When I was 17, I lived in a very old college dorm building for a summer. We had activity there as well. There was one entity that would hang out in the women’s bathroom (Ok, that sounds a lot creepier looking back, but it used to be a men’s room in previous years). The faucets would randomly turn on and off. It freaked me out a little the first time, but I started just being lighthearted about it. My sense was that it was a young man who died in the area, but I can’t confirm such a thing happened. I had a feeling he was amused by the fact that I really wasn’t that scared by it, and I knew he wasn’t like peeking into the stalls or anything. I didn’t pick up anything negative from him at all. It was just the sinks, and he even turned them on when I asked a couple times. He did do it to my best friend once, and she went running and screaming down the hall like something was on fire. A couple weeks after getting back home, I was getting my senior photos done. The guide dog I had got really nervous in the house. Then doors started opening and closing down there. The photographer told me he had a spirit friend staying in the studio who was just deciding to show off then.

    I had other experiences since then. When one friend passed, my music boxes started randomly playing. After another friend passed, my computer monitor would randomly turn on (had it in my bedroom at the time) even if I had it completely shut off. It only happened when I cried over his passing. My grandparents gave me messages after they passed, and sometimes I still get little messages or gifts from others who have passed. I could probably go on a lot longer about those moments, which give me a sense of comfort. Oddest thing yet? One of my former guide dogs still visits me from time to time. We hear a collar jingling in the kitchen. Without thinking, I’d tell Catie or Palance to get out of there only to find them snoozing on the couch the whole time. Plus, when I first got Palance, he never had people food but started begging for certain foods. I knew he never had them, but they were Frenchy’s favorites when she was here.

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