I’m Thankful For These Thanksgiving Money-Saving Tips

Thanksgiving is 3 weeks from today. 




Foods costs more this year.  What doesn’t?  Not too bad, though.  The average Thanksgiving meal will cost an estimated $3 more than last year.  I forget where I heard this…probably on the TEE-VEE (said in a hilljack accent).  I often fall asleep with the TV on and was likely only semi-conscious when I heard this — The two things you can do now to prep for a Thanksgiving feast on a budget

1) Keep it simple.  Or something to the affect of that.  Again.. I was half asleep.  The gist is instead of making tons of dishes that may not get finished, spend your money on items you know everyone will eat.  Stick to your family’s favorites!  Problem with that is each member of my family has a different favorite.

2) Start shopping now.  The idea is if you already have your menu planned, you can spread out the costs over several weeks instead of one gigantically expensive trip. I mean I guess you could buy your French’s Fried Onions for your green bean casserole or whatever…but I hosted Thanksgiving last year and tried to cook with as many fresh ingredients as I could.  It was nearly a canned/boxed item free Thanksgiving — except for canned cranberry sauce.  I like the canned stuff that holds the shape of the can.  Don’t judge me.

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