Indy Area Options For Dinning Out On Thanksgiving

I moved to Indianapolis on Thanksgiving day 2009.  That year we dined out for the holiday…and guess what — it was cheaper.  WAY cheaper than buying all the supplies to cook at home.  I think we went to a buffet that was about $12 a person…and there were only 4 of us.  Can you do an entire Thanksgiving feast for $48?  I doubt it.

Only 1 problem.

No leftovers.

What’s Thanksgiving without a dried out turkey sandwich w/ Miracle Whip and cranberry sauce the following day?

I know not everyone wants to host, cook, etc.  So, with that in mind…got a good list of options for dinning out on Thanksgiving (courtesy of Heather and the gang at Edible Indy):  Click here!

One Response to Indy Area Options For Dinning Out On Thanksgiving

  • Theresa says:

    A couple years ago, friends of ours from Michigan came down to celebrate Thanksgiving with us. They didn’t want Mom stressing about a dinner, so they made reservations at the Pullman restaurant. It was really wonderful, but Mom was so uncomfortable that she still made an entire Thanksgiving dinner before our friends arrived (we ate it the day after). I do remember leaning over to Mom and quietly whispering “You make way better stuffing.” :)

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