I could’ve been robbed, beaten, and left for dead…

…but I wasn’t because we live in an awesome city!

Take a listen to what happened or read on…


So, I’m visiting a friend in the hospital last night and I get a phone call from a number I don’t recognize.  I ignore it.  They call right back.  So, out of concern…I answer.  It’s my burglar alarm company…

“Mr. Copeland, your side garage door is open and the alarm is sounding… do you want us to send police?”  I told them I wasn’t home, but could be there in 15 minutes…so, yes..send them!  I rushed home and found fresh footprints in the unshoveled snow leading out my side garage door (meaning the regular door on the side of the garage..not the overhead door).  An IMPD officer met me, walked through my home and the garage with me to make sure whoever was there…wasn’t there any longer… and to see if anything had been taken.

It didn’t appear that anything was missing…and then we found a note in the garage.  My heart started pounding!  Could it be a ransom note?  Is someone holding my weed eater string or rusty lawn chairs hostage?   The note read as follows…

“Hi, My name is Josh.  I live down the street and noticed your overhead garage door was open when I left for the store.  When I returned, it was still open… so, I entered your garage, closed the overhead door, and went out the side door.  I hope nothing was taken.  Stay safe.”

Josh unknowingly tripped my burglar alarm by going through my side door, but that’s not the point… the point is I’m an idiot for leaving my overhead door open (something I do probably a few times a month)… my neighborhood is awesome for not ransacking my garage every time I do this… and Josh is awesome for looking out for his neighbors.

By the way — I live in a “neighborhood in transition” east of downtown…which is a fancy term for sketchy.  So, I’m exponentially more impressed that this happened.  Each of our neighborhoods could use a few more “Joshes” don’t ya think?


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