Want to spend less? Draw everything you buy!

If you struggle with staying on a set budget, maybe you should try drawing your purchases.

“Daily Drawings” is a project by this artist from Oregon. ¬†She has drawn her daily purchases for the last 8 years. ¬†Altogether, she’s drawn over 2,100 purchases… cds, gas, clothes, groceries, and more.

The artist isn’t doing as a tool for managing her money, but imagine how much less you’d buy if you knew that you had to draw everything once you got home :)

Here’s a link to the artist’s site.

And here’s a picture I drew of a cup of coffee I bought yesterday. Yikes!


One Response to Want to spend less? Draw everything you buy!

  • Theresa says:

    I’m not so sure I’d want to draw my feminine hygiene products, prescription medications, or every box of Girl Scout Cookies the Daisies & Brownies have gotten me to buy at their cookie booths.

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