How I Used Denny’s, KFC, and a Fake Bird to Make My Bracket Picks

I don’t follow college basketball, but I fill out a bracket every year.  And twice in the last 5 years I’ve won an office pool.  My picks are usually made based on things like…

–I have a friend who went to that school

–I once visited that town


This time around, I decided to do a little more research and make an educated guess.  No, not research about records, predictions, etc…that’s BORING!  Here’s that kind of research I did for the first round…

New Mexico v Stanford — I pick NM because the Denny’s from the beginning of the final season of Breaking Bad is right across the street from the UNM campus.

Manhattan v Louisville — I pick Louisville because my research revealed that Manhattan isn’t even in Manhattan…it’s in the Bronx…and I don’t care for that.

Eastern Kentucky v Kansas — I pick Eastern Kentucky because Kansas’ mascot is a Jayhawk, which my research revealed is not even a real bird.  And Eastern KY’s mascot is “The Colonels”…which I can only assume has something to do with Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Colorado v Pitt — Colorado has a Humor Research Lab dedicated to the scientific study of humor.  So, obviously..I choose them.

Florida v Albany — I read something about a curse on basketball teams with state capitals in their name…so, sorry Albany and UIndy/IUPUI if y’all ever make it.

I’m picking Wichita State to win it all… because they’re the 1st team since the 1976 Hoosiers to start the tournament with a perfect record.

Enter the B105.7 Bracket Challenge here!

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