The 1 Second Makeover

Ok, I don’t want this to come off as Pollyanna, campy, or insincere… but I just read what I thought was the best beauty advice ever.

You ready?


That’s it.

I’m dubbing this “The 1 Second Makeover!” 

We all have a smile… now imagine using yours to show love and outward kindness to people around you — be they family, co-workers, or even strangers.  You can start with an internal change, attitude adjustment, what have you…of course!  But if not, while I’d never encourage you to be fake…for me sometimes it takes time for my feelings to catch up with my actions.  So, if I exchange nuggets of kindness or a smile even when I’m not feeling it — if I just keep it up, the feelings will get there.

So, who’s up for undergoing this free, quick, and easy makeover with me?


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