Science Confirms Best Diet For Health

The Tequila Diet.

Kidding about that being the best diet for your health, but I’m not kidding that it exists.  The Tequila Diet is a real thing.  Click here for more.

The best diet for overall health — no surprise here… the winner is a diet comprised of “minimally processed foods direct from nature and foods made up of such ingredients… mostly plants.”

Those behind the big Yale study say eat FOOD, not products and you’re likely to be healthier.

Details here.

One Response to Science Confirms Best Diet For Health

  • Theresa says:

    But studies do conclude that the Tequila Diet leads to a greater chance of public nudity, and test subjects believed they were extremely talented at singing, dancing, and pick-up lines. Ok, how does one become a test subject for a tequila diet? Margaritas! Yum!

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