See Inside Peyton Manning’s Denver Mansion

At $4.5 million, he apparently got a bargain…

See it here.

I mean it looks nice…but $4.5 million nice?  I’m not so sure.

One Response to See Inside Peyton Manning’s Denver Mansion

  • Theresa says:

    For once, I would love to see photo’s of a famous person’s home and have them be just like us. I mean, I’d like to see a random pair of underwear on the bathroom floor, a See’s catalog and yesterday’s mail on the table, an empty wine glass on the kitchen counter with the empty wine bottle in front of TV, dog/cat hair blowing around the floors like tumbleweeds, crooked pictures on the walls, a kleenix on the floor where somebody missed the trashcan, a half-dead plant in the living room, and the one place that is covered with dust that everybody forgets about.

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